10 Famous Tech Companies in Canada

Canada’s and USA’s tech companies have been the subject of a lot of praises. Several reports state that these technology industries continue to grow quickly – rising along with other tech hubs such as the Washington DC, San Francisco, and Seattle. Here, we list companies that have operations across the world but also have headquarters or offices in Canada.

Whether you’re a talented professional who is looking to build your career in the tech industry or simply need certain service, here are ten of the highly recognized Canadian tech companies to watch out for. 


With offices in Markham, Ontario, Apple Inc. is a multinational corporation that specializes in personal computers, electronics, and software. Its unique apple logo is extremely known globally, with numerous products including iTunes, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It is one of the most popular and top retailers in Canada. 


Microsoft Inc. was developed in 1985. In terms of software, solutions, and services, it is a global leader known for helping businesses and individuals achieve their full potential. Aside from being a popular tech company in Canada, Microsoft is also recognized as one of the great places to work within the country. 


Similar to Apple and Microsoft, Samsung is a worldwide leader, too, which many manufacturing electronic products of all types. It provides printers, ODDs, LEDs, computer monitors, mobile devices, semiconductors, etc. 


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that was established in 2006. It helps individuals and businesses of any kind to make online stores. It hosts thousands of online retailers, including Tesla Motors, Gatorade, and General Electric. It continues its advocates to help online stores produce billions of sales. 


A multinational tech company in Toronto that manufactures high-tech products such as telecommunications equipment and networking hardware. Its agile work environment and generous employee benefits are added reasons why increasingly more people want to build their dream career with it. 


Those who love video games surely have an idea of what kind of tech company Ubisoft is. It is a French video game company with development studios across the world, which include Canada. It boasts a team of talented creators that aims to bring gaming to life with their distinct combination of technology and art. 


A user-friendly, versatile collaboration and communication tool for a pool of teams that has chat rooms. These chat rooms are efficiently organized by topic, along with direct messaging and private groups. You can use it for sharing files or integrating it with many other tools. 


It is a German-based corporation with an office in Canada and other regions. As an enterprise software maker, it features tons of channel partners and distributors – focusing on small to mid-sized enterprise markets. 


Popularly known for creating smart thermostats, Ecobee is a home automation company launched in 2007. Its main goal is to help consumers save energy and money with their smart creations. 


Wattpad is a popular story-telling platform with a headquarters in Canada. Using it, everyone can be a writer, connect directly with their readers, and share their original stories. It has teamed up with film studios and publishing houses to provide huge opportunities for authors.